Live Auction for Handshake TLDs

Live Auction for Handshake TLDs


Join an Auction For Handshake Names During Handycon Promote


Join an Auction For Handshake Names During Handycon.Promote


During the handycon.promote conference, there will be live auctions for the ultimate internet asset - TLDs (top level domains). These TLDs are, of course, on the Handshake (HNS) blockchain.

Want to buy?

Want to sell?

Fill out this request form here and we’ll get you on the list:

Auction starts after the speakers of phase 3 are done

Thank you for participating in the HandyCon Auction and HNS Fund-raiser.
Auctions will take place at the end of each phase of the conference, you can check times on the schedule. Our auctioneer will be the illustrious Mark Smith of Namesake Domain for Phase #1 and #3. All domains have been curated to make sure this an exciting event for all participants.

A minimum 25% from each domain sale will be donated to the HNS Fund to invest in development of open source tools and applications building the HNS ecosystem. The domains committing to a higher % to HNS Fund will be auctioned off first. Learn more about HNS Fund or message @KibaGateaux on twitter/telegram/discord with any questions you might have.

How to sell domains in the auction:
  1. Fill out the form to have your tld considered (make sure to include your email address)
  2. We will send you an email with the domains that will be put on auction
  3. Namebase will be escrowing assets.
  4. If your reserve price is met and the buyer completes their side of the trade, your HNS will be transferred to the Namebase account that gifted the domain
How to buy domains in the auction:
  1. Be in the airmeet/clubhouse during auction times
  2. Submit bid to auctioneer
  3. If you are the winner and your HNS is on namebase, you can submit an offer on the domain with specified price
  4. If you are the winner and your HNS is off namebase, send a message to @KibaGateaux on twitter to exchange HNS addresses for the trade. You will send your HNS to Namebase escrow and after confirmation the tld will be transferred.
Auction Name List
Coming soon, as we confirm Handshake TLDs to auction, we will list here.